Rom Jam…..take 2

Last sunday, the 4th, was the second attempt at putting on this years annual Rom Jam after the first was rained off. The day started off wonderful and a lot of people had turned up. We managed to get in a bit of riding while the sun beat down on us and the DJ blasted out some old classics. Unfortunately the heavens did open and everyone crammed into the indoor mini ramp….somehow! Most people watched, heckled  and drank as only a handful (Ginge, Vinnie, Scotty D, Tom, Jake) got their moneys worth. A few youngsters went mano-a-mano for a set of bars and Ginge got overly excited for actually getting a prize. Here are a few snaps of the riding and the variety of booze being consumed.


Faye & Zacs wedding

Its been a while since I’ve put anything on here but I’ve been so busy shooting weddings, BMX and being on holiday last week, I haven’t had the chance to put anything new up. I will putting plenty of stuff up in the next few days/week in the form of some new portraits, BMX jams, and just a few random holiday snaps. For now here is my most recent work covering Zac & Fayes fun and loving wedding in Kent. The registry office was an old house that belonged to Anne of Cleves a few hundred years ago and the reception was held at The Hilton hotel next to the Queen Elizabeth 2 bridge. Its over on my weddings page, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Just a few portraits…

Just to keep new posts coming, I thought I’d put up a few portraits I got of Kye on Sunday. One at his Great Grandparents and a few in the front garden (which I can now trim).

“Cheeky”, “Synchronised” BMX…

I took a trip down to Rom skatepark last night for the weekly wednesday night late session (6-8pm, £4) for a lil pedal about and to loosen up these seizing joints of mine as they are not as used to riding as they used to be. The evenings attendees were Billy, Ginge, Scott and Jay who werent really riding much but just chilling and and setting tricks for each other to pull. All in all I just got a few candid riding shots, a few portraits of the lads, Bills new paint job by his ol’ man “Superbike Dan” and a nice synchronised shot of all the four guys.

E I E I O…..

As the Sun decided to show its face for a while on Sunday, we (Vikki and I) took Kye down to Old Macdonalds Farm to show him some of the farm animals. He definately enjoyed seeing the Horses, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Meerkats, Rabbits and even stroked a Cow. Below are a few pictures of his day out and one of us at my Mum and Dads on the trampoline in the evening……well, me really.

Kye Trampoline old macdonalds farm

Cheers Mum ^^^

Rom Jam wash out, High 5!!

So yesterday was supposed to be our annual Rom Jam but this year the weather would not hold up and so it has been post-poned until next month, or so I heard. Here are a few snaps that I did manage to get in though…

Borrowed gear…

Sorry its been a while since anything has been updated, I have been mega busy with weddings at weekends (should be getting ready for one now) and had the chance to be the Relentless NASS sports photographer last weekend (pics up soon). For now here are some shots I got down Rom on wednesday night using a 15-30mm lens I borrowed from the guy I do Weddings for (I really need my own fisheye).